52 Creations - Week14 & Finished WIP

Well I have finally got around to uploading my pics for last weeks 52 creations. I seem to be falling behind a little bit lately. Anywho these two cabs are experiments of some new frit that I got. I am inlove with the blue/purple/green one. I think I'll test it out on some blue or green glass next. Maybe even the pale purple would work really well??

I have also got around to finally 'finishing' off my first beaded cab necklace. I'm not sure if I am 100% happy with the finished outcome but I guess it looks alright. I do have to tidy up those little ribbon tabs which you can see where the ribbon is attached to the beaded piece. Not sure how I will do that exactly, possibly either wrapping it around and glueing or sewing it around somehow. I'll figure something out.

I thought I would take a photo with it on as well so I can see how it sits on my neck. It was actually really comfy and a really good weight, not too heavy but enough to sit in place. I did do it up quite high in this pic but I could imagine wearing it a little looser if I have a V neck shirt or something on. It's not tooooo bad for my first attempt....but...yeaaahhh. Practise makes perfect I suppose!

I am hoping to make some more rings too. I've got some more ring bases now so I'm gonna go through my cabs and see what looks good enough for a ring. I have a couple of cabs which aren't annealed yet which I wanna make into rings as well. Excitement!


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