52 Creations - Week 15

These are my lovelies for this week! The larger pink one is going to be turned into a ring for myself once it is annealed. The top blue one is a tester of my new adventurine glass, which I lurrrve! I am going to fuse it again with some black glass underneath as there is a clear gap on one side. The other top one is just another "rocky" frit cab and then a little scrap piece turned into a cab on the bottom right. The bottom left cab turned out a little different to what I expected, however I think it looks amazing and now I know what I can use this certain type of glass leftovers that Nat gave me. There is a close up below of this cab where you can see a hint of purple which has come out from the back of the glass that was used ontop.

This is a close up of the glitter cab. I am inlove with this glass and it looked just amazing in the sunlight. I also have some green glass like this which I will have to test out!

Also I got the pen I need to sign my glass!! I went into the local art shop and asked about the pens and she pulled out a heap of them from behind the desk. I asked for silver but no metallics, then I asked for white but she had clear....so I had to settle for pink! Since a lot of my cabs are black based I thought the pink would be the best bet to test out and then I can always go and get a black pen as well to use on other cabs. So this is another little experiment for me to try out over the next couple of weeks. Yippee!!

But now I better go to bed because it is 1:30am and I need to get my sleep!!


Releases by Rufydoof said...
May 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM

Ohhhh I love the aventurine glass... where did you score that? Me thinks I might need to get some too!


Bree Ferguson said...
May 8, 2010 at 6:47 PM

I actually got it from Pearls when she had that sale afew months ago. They aren't very big pieces of glass, about 5cmx5cm I think.

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