Monthly Technique - Layering

Each month there is a different technique or style challenge posted up in the glass section on the Beading Forum which I am a member of. This month it was Layering and I had done this cab a week or more ago but didn't get around to post it until now (slack I know).

Basically my cab was meant to be smaller but my clear glass is quite thick and I didn't think of it at the time. My cab is made of up a base layer of lilac glass, green glass, aqua glass then covered with clear glass. On the clear glass is some little bobbles of aqua transparent glass. I fused my bobbles a little bit too much but it still looks fine. Sorry for the bad photos, I needed to take a pic before the end of August as this was a August challenge.

On another note it is the first day of SPRING tomorrow! I can't wait for the weather to get warmer and spend more days outside on the weekends! I might just make a little spring inspired cab.

Updated Flickr

Just a quick note to let you guys know that I have added some new pics to my Flickr album!

Also lately I have been looking at venturing into bag making!!!!!! I am excited about this but scared that I am going to fail miserably. But I will know sooner than later. Hoping to have my first bag made over the next couple of weeks when I get some time.

Oh...almost forgot. I have opened an ArtFire store!! Haven't put anything in it yet but I have signed up and done the athestics anyway. Will post a link once it's all up and running.

New Cabs

Well today I made some time to play with my glass. I hadn't done it in ages and had a few ideas floating around in my head. I haven't uploaded these cabs to the net anywhere as I haven't got them annealed yet although I don't think I'll be selling these ones. They are just too pretty. Although I might make some more hehe Just thought I would put them up on my blog for all my followers to get an 'exclusive' sneek peek!

The Big 24...

Well today is my birthday! Thought I would put a little post up. Opened all of my lovely presents and have got some great stuff. Some things I already knew and lots that I didn't. The weather is a great so I can't complain. Heading to the footy this afternoon but going to go down the beach tomorrow with my family and boyfriend for some yummy fish and chips!


Just a quick update of some earrings that I made recently. Saw these lampwork beads in one of the discount shops and thought they were pretty decent. I got 3 in the pack so now I have one odd one which will have to go into a bracelet or necklace or something..who knows.

This afternoon I am off to visit a friend who has just had a little baby girl, Abbey Rose. So I will hopefully have some pics of her to post up too. Hehe bubbieeess *squee*

One of my sold cabs

Since I don't have any pics of anything I have made recently I thought I would post up a pic of what one of my customers has done with one of cabs! I love it!

This one was made by Kathy Wait. I love the bead colours that she has used, it really sets the cab off nicely. I have one similar to this cab and have used different colouring so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out compared to using this type.

Anywho I love it! I love seeing one of my cabs made into something pretty.

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