52 Creations - Week 12

It seems I have been quite busy this week making some cabs. I didn't think I had done as many as this but oh well, I'm not complaining! Got to test out two new frits, Mood Swing and Fairy Dust which I received from GirlFriday (Thank You!). Also had a play with some bits and pieces I had received from Nat (BeadMonki). So here is my Week 12 offerings!

Also recently I have been looking into making hair accessories for little girls (or big girls). Along the way I came across some tutorials for making hairclip holders which I thought were great! What little girl doesn't need more room for her hair pretties! One of our friends little girls is 5 next week so I thought I would make her one of these hair clip holder things.

Well here is my first attempt. Her name is Taylor so I thought a cute little "T" would be a nice touch, was good to get my paints out again to make it white. Then I found some cute little butterflies in the scrapbooking section of a cheap shop and they were perrrfect since she LUUURRVVVESS butterflies. Plus I'm pretty sure her two favourite colours are pink and purple....soooo....I think I am pretty safe with this :)

Little purple butterfly in the corner of the hairclip holder.

White 'T' with a pink butterfly. Just adds that personal touch.

I had to get my mum to help me with the stapling of the material and ribbons but I don't think it turned out too bad for my first attempt. Lets hope Taylor likes it!

A couple of things to share! Week 11 - 52Creations

Well I have recently made a couple of sales...yippeee!! I am excited about that and more excited about the fact that people actually like my stuff. It's very humbling. I am up to 71 fans on my Facebook group *blushes* I am very lucky!

Anywho...I recently bought some ring bases and have made two rings so far from my cab collection. I have worn one of my rings two days in a row I love it so much!! It is so light yet till big enough to make a bit of a statement plus I wanted to test run the ring bases and see how they go. I haven't made a large cab into a ring yet.....I said....yet.

However on the thought of me being very lucky...Nat (Beadmonki) who anneals all of my cabs for me has given me another whole big bunch of glass which I will upcycle in my cab making. Along with that she also gave me some dichoric frit (cool!!) and some dichroic chatons (ultra cool!!). I can't wait to give these chatons a go! I have a black cab cooling in the kiln so I will hopefully get time to test them out tomorrow sometime!

This is how small they are compared to my hand and I don't have overly big hands lol

Then I thought I would test out a funky looking piece of glass. It wasn't EXACTLY this piece but looked very similar.

And this is how it turned out! Looking good I reckon :)

and now...I am done! Think I might make my rings and this cab my Week 11 in my 52 Creations!

Website Updated

Well I have finally got around to taking some piccies and listing them on my website! A total of 19 new cabs!!! took me a while to remember how to put them on my site lol

Anyways check it out and tell your friends! http://beadsbybree.yolasite.com/

I bought some ring blanks the other day so I am hoping to make up some soon and have them as examples on my site.

52 Creations - Week 9 & 10

Well I am a little bit behind and ahead of myself this week....does that make sense? I am posting up some of my cabs from last week and advance posting my week 10 entries. Not sure if I will get anymore made before I drop them off to be annealed on Saturday so I thought I would post them all up together.

I am pretty impressed with the raku cab in the bottom picture. I had to re-fuse it which still left some marks on the cab anyway so it'll only be able to be used in beading or in a setting. But after the re-fuse it had actually activated the raku effect and I got this cool blue/green outline. LOVE IT!! Will def be trying this again now I know how to do it.

Also the cab in the bottom pic is my other one from the other week which I added some more frit to, looks much better me finks!


The past couple of days there has been no sunlight to get any good photos. Will promise to have them up sometime this week....hopefully!

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