Well on Saturday I came back from being on holiday for a week. Boy was I hanging for that holiday but it has gone way too quickly, doesn't even feel like I have been away apart from the leftover suntan marks lol We went up to Coffs Harbour which is Northern NSW.

However I have been doing some cab work lately, mainly for christmas pressies. I haven't taken any photos of them yet but hopefully I will get to before I drop them off to be annealed on Saturday. I have made some intial pendants with CZ's for daughters of friends, so I am hoping they like them. I am also hoping to get a cab made for my aunty which I will be able to bead around but who knows if I will get that done or not!!

Christmas is such a hectic time..well I should say December, not necessarily christmas on its own. I had a christmas party last night which was fun but got me back into the swing of things. I have acouple of lunches/dinners with friends for catching up before chrissy, a dancing concert, christmas shopping, jewellery orders, re-enrolling in my course as well as working still throughout the next 3 weeks. I only have 2 weeks off over christmas, I would really like to take more but the whole money thing stands in the way of that.

Anywho on another thing I am doing is on the Australian Beading Forum we have a Secret Santa thing going. I have to do some shopping for my SS but I have also made something for her as well. I haven't done this for the past couple of years but it's always fun to make something for someone else. It's also exciting waiting for the parcel in return.

OK well I think that is all from me at the moment. Need to go and check on some more cabs before I head off to work this afternoon.

Being sent to the UK & new items

Well this afternoon one of my lovely customer told me that one of the cabs which she has used in a pendant is being sent to the UK for Christmas!! So now I am up to two international cabochons!! One in the US and one in the UK. It is so exciting.

One another note I didn't have any work today so I spent some of my time making christmas stuff. I have made two bookmarks for my family and a necklace for a friends little girl who loved my ones I had on over the weekend.

getting back into glass!

Well the last couple of days I have been making a few things here and there which has been really nice! I should be doing my study but I just can't seem to get into it so instead of wasting my time getting nowhere with my assignments I just thought I'd do something else. probably won't have some pics up for a while but just a note to let you guys know I am attempting to get back into it!

Plus I have created a new banner for my artfire shop and also my yola website that I want to build. So I am hoping to get that up and running over the next few months..maybe a fresh start for the new year??

This is a small pic of what my banners look like. I will probably change my blog around a little bit too so that it all matches in with each other.

I also got a free offer for some new things called squiz cards which are plastic little cards, like the ones gyms hand out now. So I have some of them coming in the mail over the next 2 weeks which will be exciting. Only get 50 but thats better then nothing!!

7 weeks!!

Only 7 weeks till christmas!! Just thought I would make you all aware and rev myself up to get into gear and get my pressies done!!

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