Making my mark....

Over the past month or so I been thinking about how I could leave my mark on my work. Nat gave me some funky "B" Murrini which she had made for another project but they are just a little awkward to put on some of my cabs, especially if I don't want to fuse them again. Although I have come up with another idea for them, muhaha.

Anywho, back on track I have been testing out my engraving bit with my dremel and I just don't seem to have great control so whatever I end up writting turns out to look like a mess. Just scribble really. So I have been thinking about using a pen which won't rub off glass. I have no idea where I could get one but one of my other pieces has a signature on the back so I know there has to be at least one around somewhere.

Now the question what do I sign? My name is too long and I can't fit my Beads By Bree on the back of my cabs..well I could it would just take up a lot of space. So then I have been thinking about something which is simple and something that I would recognise. I have come up with a simple star and a "B". Nothing overly special, I just like stars and my name starts with a B.

Since making the decision to do that I have quickly made up a little sig which I can use at the end of each of my posts. It looks quite messy as it was drawn freehand with my mouse but I figured that is how it's going to look on the back of my cabs anyway so why not!?!

In other news I do have some piccies of my cabs from this week however I will probably edit them and all that jazz when I am over my boyfriends place tomorrow. Then I'll post them up here for all of you lovelies to see!

Until next time...

Where does the time go??

Lately I have found it hard to find time to do anything quite crafty or glassy. I did have a little play the other day but I still barely got anything done. I have lots of ideas in my head but then when I put it all together it just doesn't seem to turn out that great. Then when I do get the time to have a sit down and work on some stuff I always have other things to do which come first.

I have made another cab with my 'rocky' frit so that isn't overly exciting even though I do love that frit I made as it works so effectively. It was meant to turn out to be something else but the glass ended having some yellow on it so I had to cover it in frit. Never mind....

At the moment I have a light pink base with a little bit of pink frit scattered on top in the micro kiln. I haven't looked at it since I fused the pink frit so I hope it looks alright. I do have a plan for it to become a ring IF it works out to what I have in my head. I'm hoping to add some little 'bumps' in some sort of pattern to finish it all off. I have been making some of my 'bump' decorations from Nat's murrini which works perfectly as I still get really awesome effects from the patterns on the murrini and they are also a good size for making the bumps. Lets hope everything goes to plan! Fingers crossed!

52 Creations - Week14 & Finished WIP

Well I have finally got around to uploading my pics for last weeks 52 creations. I seem to be falling behind a little bit lately. Anywho these two cabs are experiments of some new frit that I got. I am inlove with the blue/purple/green one. I think I'll test it out on some blue or green glass next. Maybe even the pale purple would work really well??

I have also got around to finally 'finishing' off my first beaded cab necklace. I'm not sure if I am 100% happy with the finished outcome but I guess it looks alright. I do have to tidy up those little ribbon tabs which you can see where the ribbon is attached to the beaded piece. Not sure how I will do that exactly, possibly either wrapping it around and glueing or sewing it around somehow. I'll figure something out.

I thought I would take a photo with it on as well so I can see how it sits on my neck. It was actually really comfy and a really good weight, not too heavy but enough to sit in place. I did do it up quite high in this pic but I could imagine wearing it a little looser if I have a V neck shirt or something on. It's not tooooo bad for my first attempt....but...yeaaahhh. Practise makes perfect I suppose!

I am hoping to make some more rings too. I've got some more ring bases now so I'm gonna go through my cabs and see what looks good enough for a ring. I have a couple of cabs which aren't annealed yet which I wanna make into rings as well. Excitement!

What I've been up to...

Well I have kinda slackened off with my blogging lately as I have seemed too tired or just too busy to really sit down and type anything. Well here I am sitting down on a lazy sunday afternoon and thought...hey why not post something!

I don't have any pics of my Week 14 creations yet as I have been a little bit slack in that department but I may get time tomorrow even though I have two appointments I have to get to and family coming over.

On Friday I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. For those of you who aren't familiar with it basically it is a show where the 'city folk' get an insight into the country life. A lot of the show revolves around wood chopping contests, baby animals nurseries and animal shows and basically just country life. There is also showbags, pavillions with heaps of stalls and a carnival there too. Anywho in one of the pavillions (fashion and style) I stumbled across this really funky vintage designer called Arthur Ave. Of course I just had to buy something from her and luckily it was the last one of that top so it was a good score :D Just gave her a google and she has a website so you guys can check it out too Arthur Ave. The top that I bought isn't on her website but you can look at some of the cute cute cuuutteee baby/toddler clothes that she makes. I found out that she is at The Rocks markets on the weekends so I might just have to pop back over there in the near future and check out some more of her designer goodness.

Will promise to have some piccies up soon of some new cabs that I have made. I have been making little glass embellishment pieces so that I can do some stuff that I have been wanting to test out for a while now so might get to see some more elaborate pieces soon.

52 Creations - Week 13

Well this week I don't have the usual glass or even jewellery to show for my creation. What I do have is this brooch/decoration felt and lace flower. I saw some similar on a hairclip website when I was browsing through for ideas...well I thought it was similar. I only finished this yesterday and just took a look at the inspiration photo and they are quite...yes yes quite different lol! I still like the original flower design as it is a bit more delicate but I still like mine as well.

I think it suits my grey beanie well!! Plus it didn't really cost me that much and I still have enough felt left over for another one if I want to try it with a softer lace. I bought the lace from Lifeline and it was like a placemat thingo so I still have about 7 or 8 flower shapes left on that too.

Happy Easter!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter. I have already easten too much chocolate and made myself sick. Not sure if I can stomach dinner.....

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