Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas with their friends and family and have a very safe and happy New Year! Hope Santa is good to you!

Ho hum...

I haven't done much of my fusing lately...I really got into it for a little bit there but the weather has been rather miserable lately and I've been away on holidays.

I promise I will get back into it over the Chrissy/New Year period.

Back from the dead!

Well I know I haven't posted much on here recently but I have been caught up with other things, as life does. But I have some good news! I have started fusing again! YIPPEE! I haven't done any over winter because my microwave and all my glass is outside and well the cold isn't that inviting, now is it? So now that the weather has been warming up I have been out fusing up a storm.

I have just started out with fusing some left over bits and pieces which have turned out really good but I need to find the frits which I tested for Anne, I have NO idea where I have put them lol

So once I get some time I will hopefully upload some piccies of pieces I have made.

Slackened off...

I must say that I have been very slack with my updates lately. I have been really busy with work and studying and now making a little business out of my hair accessories!!! I haven't totally abandoned my cabs but I have SO many I don't know what to do with them all. I can't bead around all of them as I don't have that much time and I only have a couple I can glue onto jewellery findings.

Anywho just wanted to touch base and say that I am still alive!

52 Creations - Week 20

Well I have been a very busy bee this week...
First of all I have done lots of frit testing for Anne Dundas. Here are some of results.
Then I have also started getting more into my hair clip fetish that I have aquired. I do love the litle clippy bows, I think they are just too cute!! I am still working on the korkers, haven't made one I am 100% happy with. Although I am already getting orders from friends and beading ladies which is pretty exciting. Also thought I can make little cabs and use them to decorate :)

52 Creations - Week 19

Well I have quite a bit to update...

First of all my creations for this week aren't going to be glass related, or even jewellery related. I have been looking at making girls hair accessories for some times, even incorporating my cabs into it somehow. Anyways yesterday I tried making some korkers! I did only buy some cheap ribbon from a dollar shop to test it out on and while the ribbon isn't 100% good quality I still think they turned out alright.

This one is the first one I made with purple, blue and white ribbon. The white ribbon was a better quality. Now you're meant to have the curls all the same length bt the blue ones were a little bit longer as their curls weren't made as tight as the others and I was still counting '5 curls' long. I don't think it looks too bad but the longer curls don't work really well...

This one is better, made with purple, pink and white ribbon. There is def more pink though as I used plain pink and spotted pink ribbon in this korker. All of the curls are basically the same length...however it sits rather flat instead of puffy and bouncy. So now I have come to the conclusion that my lengths are too long. Instead of counting curls I think I will go for lengths that are about 6cm. The ones in this korker are almost 9cm long. Also the cheaper ribbon going quite floppy so I think that adds to the curls falling flat too.

I have been testing frit blends for one of the lampworking ladies on the ABF so I do have some cabs made which need to be touched up because of the STUPID fire paper being a b*tch again. However the weather is shit today and most likely tomorrow so I will have to wait to get some piccies of them.

Lastly it is my nans 88th birthday today!!! She opened all of her pressies this morning and we have to pop down to the local soon to grab her a yummy cake. This is a pic taken last night when we went out for dinner.

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Well I have got another blog award from one of my lovely beady friends Karyn at Releases by Rufydoof. Thank you so much!!!

Along with all blog awards there are rules to accepting them:

1. Post the award on my blog.

2. Thank the person who gave it to me.

3. Link to the person who gave this to me.

4. Share a list of 7 things that you probably don't know about me.

5. Choose 7 great bloggers to give the award to.

6. Share a link to their blogs.

7. Leave a comment on their blog.


7 things you probably didn't know about me

1. My fave author would be Marian Keyes. Love her style of writting and her books keep me so interested which is a big task!

2. Salt and Vinegar chips are my weakness. I am actually eating some right now!

3. I used to worship the Spice Girls. I still they are pretty funky but when everyone was going crazy over Hanson, I was spiceing it up!

4. The walls in my bedroom are pink!

5. I like to admire the nice bags in the bag shop next door to work but I have only ever bought a bag once.

6. I don't eat as many veggies as I should. Although I love my potato!

7. I love getting kitty cuddle at night when Tobi sleeps on my bed and gets nice and cozy.


So my 7 Kreative bloggers which I have chosen to give this award to are *drum roll*

Rosebud at For the love of beads.
Another glassy person, love looking at what she creates.

Nikki at You Sew Girl
I hope to get into bag creating one day but in the mean time I like to keep up with what Nikki comes up with.

Sue at Diva Jools
Love her flea market finds.

KJ at Silver Parrot
bead porn...need I say more.

Nat at Beadmonki Lampwork
She comes up with some great creations and amazing murrini.

Caroline at Caroline Fung
You need to check out some of her work. It looks AMAZING in real life.

Max at Glass by Girlfriday
Geishas, Ninjas and a little bit of Carmen Miranda.

52 Creations - Week 17 and 18

Well I am doing a little bit of a catch up this week. I haven't uploaded any new stuff for about two weeks so I am doing week 17 and week 18 in one post.

First of all my offerings for week 17. These are two cabs, one made from a scrap piece of Nats glass (bottom left) and the other in one of my new-ish frits on some black glass. Love how bright the colours have come out.

This is week 18! It's not cabs but some jewellery. I saw a pattern in one of the latest beading mags and thought it would look pretty with some of the beads that I had. Well......my bracelets aren't really anything like the pattern but I think they still look great!! The first one with the blue and black crystals is my own bracelet and the second one with the purple and black crystals is for my mum.

Close up of the pattern of the black and blue crystals.

Close up of the pattern of the purple and black crystals.

Today I went to some markets in the city at Glebe which weren't too bad but nothing overly special. Went to go to the ones at Paddington as well but holey moley we couldn't get a parking spot within a decent walking distance. So we ended up heading out to the I Love You Beads shop. I had never been there before and we got a little lost on the way but thanks to the helpfullness of my lovely boyfriend, he looked it up at home and told us where to go. I....LOVE...THAT....SHOP!!! Didn't plan on buying as much as we did but everything was soooo so so so cheap I couldn't resist. Hopefully it'll get me back into making some jewellery again. It's sooo relaxing! So I've had a very busy day and then we're off to a friends place tomorrow for a BBQ and to watch the footy because my team plays over in New Zealand this week. Another busy busy weekend and I wonder where my time goes....

52 Creations - Week 16

Well it is late on Sunday night but I am getting up my creations on time this week. I do have another cab made but it is still in the kiln and prob won't get a pic taken until next weeks lot of photos.

First cabs for this week are something I have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now. I found some rod glass which looked more maroon coloured than the other browny ones I had so I thought it would work alright when making these cabs...however it has seemed to turn a bit of a browny colour when it got fired. Never mind. These are for a friend who follows the broncos and their colours are maroon and gold. The yellow glass kinda slipped on one and I tried to push it back abit while it was firing but didn't work.

Then I have this cab which has been laying around for a week or two now and I had NO idea what I wanted to do with it. It was made from a purple/plum sort of colour with a darker purple/plum colour stripe through the middle.

And this is what I got!! It didn't quite come out how I had imagined however I really didn't know what to expect so here we are. Sort of a spider webby effect.

Being held up infront of the sun.

Generally being held up to the sky. Looks pretty funky here.

Then this is a close up of the pattern on the glass. Thinking that a beaded cab might be the use for this one with a white backing so you can see the patterns.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mums (or moms) out there! Hope you have a great day whatever you are doing.

Will hopefully have my creations up during the day sometime today if I get time.

52 Creations - Week 15

These are my lovelies for this week! The larger pink one is going to be turned into a ring for myself once it is annealed. The top blue one is a tester of my new adventurine glass, which I lurrrve! I am going to fuse it again with some black glass underneath as there is a clear gap on one side. The other top one is just another "rocky" frit cab and then a little scrap piece turned into a cab on the bottom right. The bottom left cab turned out a little different to what I expected, however I think it looks amazing and now I know what I can use this certain type of glass leftovers that Nat gave me. There is a close up below of this cab where you can see a hint of purple which has come out from the back of the glass that was used ontop.

This is a close up of the glitter cab. I am inlove with this glass and it looked just amazing in the sunlight. I also have some green glass like this which I will have to test out!

Also I got the pen I need to sign my glass!! I went into the local art shop and asked about the pens and she pulled out a heap of them from behind the desk. I asked for silver but no metallics, then I asked for white but she had clear....so I had to settle for pink! Since a lot of my cabs are black based I thought the pink would be the best bet to test out and then I can always go and get a black pen as well to use on other cabs. So this is another little experiment for me to try out over the next couple of weeks. Yippee!!

But now I better go to bed because it is 1:30am and I need to get my sleep!!

Making my mark....

Over the past month or so I been thinking about how I could leave my mark on my work. Nat gave me some funky "B" Murrini which she had made for another project but they are just a little awkward to put on some of my cabs, especially if I don't want to fuse them again. Although I have come up with another idea for them, muhaha.

Anywho, back on track I have been testing out my engraving bit with my dremel and I just don't seem to have great control so whatever I end up writting turns out to look like a mess. Just scribble really. So I have been thinking about using a pen which won't rub off glass. I have no idea where I could get one but one of my other pieces has a signature on the back so I know there has to be at least one around somewhere.

Now the question what do I sign? My name is too long and I can't fit my Beads By Bree on the back of my cabs..well I could it would just take up a lot of space. So then I have been thinking about something which is simple and something that I would recognise. I have come up with a simple star and a "B". Nothing overly special, I just like stars and my name starts with a B.

Since making the decision to do that I have quickly made up a little sig which I can use at the end of each of my posts. It looks quite messy as it was drawn freehand with my mouse but I figured that is how it's going to look on the back of my cabs anyway so why not!?!

In other news I do have some piccies of my cabs from this week however I will probably edit them and all that jazz when I am over my boyfriends place tomorrow. Then I'll post them up here for all of you lovelies to see!

Until next time...

Where does the time go??

Lately I have found it hard to find time to do anything quite crafty or glassy. I did have a little play the other day but I still barely got anything done. I have lots of ideas in my head but then when I put it all together it just doesn't seem to turn out that great. Then when I do get the time to have a sit down and work on some stuff I always have other things to do which come first.

I have made another cab with my 'rocky' frit so that isn't overly exciting even though I do love that frit I made as it works so effectively. It was meant to turn out to be something else but the glass ended having some yellow on it so I had to cover it in frit. Never mind....

At the moment I have a light pink base with a little bit of pink frit scattered on top in the micro kiln. I haven't looked at it since I fused the pink frit so I hope it looks alright. I do have a plan for it to become a ring IF it works out to what I have in my head. I'm hoping to add some little 'bumps' in some sort of pattern to finish it all off. I have been making some of my 'bump' decorations from Nat's murrini which works perfectly as I still get really awesome effects from the patterns on the murrini and they are also a good size for making the bumps. Lets hope everything goes to plan! Fingers crossed!

52 Creations - Week14 & Finished WIP

Well I have finally got around to uploading my pics for last weeks 52 creations. I seem to be falling behind a little bit lately. Anywho these two cabs are experiments of some new frit that I got. I am inlove with the blue/purple/green one. I think I'll test it out on some blue or green glass next. Maybe even the pale purple would work really well??

I have also got around to finally 'finishing' off my first beaded cab necklace. I'm not sure if I am 100% happy with the finished outcome but I guess it looks alright. I do have to tidy up those little ribbon tabs which you can see where the ribbon is attached to the beaded piece. Not sure how I will do that exactly, possibly either wrapping it around and glueing or sewing it around somehow. I'll figure something out.

I thought I would take a photo with it on as well so I can see how it sits on my neck. It was actually really comfy and a really good weight, not too heavy but enough to sit in place. I did do it up quite high in this pic but I could imagine wearing it a little looser if I have a V neck shirt or something on. It's not tooooo bad for my first attempt....but...yeaaahhh. Practise makes perfect I suppose!

I am hoping to make some more rings too. I've got some more ring bases now so I'm gonna go through my cabs and see what looks good enough for a ring. I have a couple of cabs which aren't annealed yet which I wanna make into rings as well. Excitement!

What I've been up to...

Well I have kinda slackened off with my blogging lately as I have seemed too tired or just too busy to really sit down and type anything. Well here I am sitting down on a lazy sunday afternoon and thought...hey why not post something!

I don't have any pics of my Week 14 creations yet as I have been a little bit slack in that department but I may get time tomorrow even though I have two appointments I have to get to and family coming over.

On Friday I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. For those of you who aren't familiar with it basically it is a show where the 'city folk' get an insight into the country life. A lot of the show revolves around wood chopping contests, baby animals nurseries and animal shows and basically just country life. There is also showbags, pavillions with heaps of stalls and a carnival there too. Anywho in one of the pavillions (fashion and style) I stumbled across this really funky vintage designer called Arthur Ave. Of course I just had to buy something from her and luckily it was the last one of that top so it was a good score :D Just gave her a google and she has a website so you guys can check it out too Arthur Ave. The top that I bought isn't on her website but you can look at some of the cute cute cuuutteee baby/toddler clothes that she makes. I found out that she is at The Rocks markets on the weekends so I might just have to pop back over there in the near future and check out some more of her designer goodness.

Will promise to have some piccies up soon of some new cabs that I have made. I have been making little glass embellishment pieces so that I can do some stuff that I have been wanting to test out for a while now so might get to see some more elaborate pieces soon.

52 Creations - Week 13

Well this week I don't have the usual glass or even jewellery to show for my creation. What I do have is this brooch/decoration felt and lace flower. I saw some similar on a hairclip website when I was browsing through for ideas...well I thought it was similar. I only finished this yesterday and just took a look at the inspiration photo and they are quite...yes yes quite different lol! I still like the original flower design as it is a bit more delicate but I still like mine as well.

I think it suits my grey beanie well!! Plus it didn't really cost me that much and I still have enough felt left over for another one if I want to try it with a softer lace. I bought the lace from Lifeline and it was like a placemat thingo so I still have about 7 or 8 flower shapes left on that too.

Happy Easter!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter. I have already easten too much chocolate and made myself sick. Not sure if I can stomach dinner.....

52 Creations - Week 12

It seems I have been quite busy this week making some cabs. I didn't think I had done as many as this but oh well, I'm not complaining! Got to test out two new frits, Mood Swing and Fairy Dust which I received from GirlFriday (Thank You!). Also had a play with some bits and pieces I had received from Nat (BeadMonki). So here is my Week 12 offerings!

Also recently I have been looking into making hair accessories for little girls (or big girls). Along the way I came across some tutorials for making hairclip holders which I thought were great! What little girl doesn't need more room for her hair pretties! One of our friends little girls is 5 next week so I thought I would make her one of these hair clip holder things.

Well here is my first attempt. Her name is Taylor so I thought a cute little "T" would be a nice touch, was good to get my paints out again to make it white. Then I found some cute little butterflies in the scrapbooking section of a cheap shop and they were perrrfect since she LUUURRVVVESS butterflies. Plus I'm pretty sure her two favourite colours are pink and purple....soooo....I think I am pretty safe with this :)

Little purple butterfly in the corner of the hairclip holder.

White 'T' with a pink butterfly. Just adds that personal touch.

I had to get my mum to help me with the stapling of the material and ribbons but I don't think it turned out too bad for my first attempt. Lets hope Taylor likes it!

A couple of things to share! Week 11 - 52Creations

Well I have recently made a couple of sales...yippeee!! I am excited about that and more excited about the fact that people actually like my stuff. It's very humbling. I am up to 71 fans on my Facebook group *blushes* I am very lucky!

Anywho...I recently bought some ring bases and have made two rings so far from my cab collection. I have worn one of my rings two days in a row I love it so much!! It is so light yet till big enough to make a bit of a statement plus I wanted to test run the ring bases and see how they go. I haven't made a large cab into a ring yet.....I said....yet.

However on the thought of me being very lucky...Nat (Beadmonki) who anneals all of my cabs for me has given me another whole big bunch of glass which I will upcycle in my cab making. Along with that she also gave me some dichoric frit (cool!!) and some dichroic chatons (ultra cool!!). I can't wait to give these chatons a go! I have a black cab cooling in the kiln so I will hopefully get time to test them out tomorrow sometime!

This is how small they are compared to my hand and I don't have overly big hands lol

Then I thought I would test out a funky looking piece of glass. It wasn't EXACTLY this piece but looked very similar.

And this is how it turned out! Looking good I reckon :)

and now...I am done! Think I might make my rings and this cab my Week 11 in my 52 Creations!

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