Sydney girls bead meet

Yesterday a couple of chicks from the Australian Beading Forum who are from Sydney and surrounding areas got together for some lunch. Unfortunately I only got to stay for a couple of hours but it was enough time to learn, oogle and eat! I actually hope I will be able to make it to the next meet as well because I had such a good time. We were quite lucky that we have a mixture of techniques throughout the group so I got to look at some lovely lampwork beads, amazing seed beading, bead embroidery and lovely wire work. Anyways here are a couple of pics from the day.

This last pic is of the lovely Neva (ABF 'Nifty') who hosted the lunch/meet at her place. She was very organised and everything went smoothly.

I couldn't wait...

I had to post a pic of this funky little cab. I was really weary when fusing it as last time I used some of these little round glass things it didn't turn out the best. However! I love the way this cab has come out, totally abstract and interesting.

You can see how thr back looks a bit frosted? Well one of the pieces I used actually had a bit of a mark on the back afterwards so I just grinded the back a little bit to make them all look alike. I think it looks alright, something different.

You can see in the next two pics where the cab actually looks like it's divided into four different sections. It just seems to be the way that the round glass pieces have fused to the blue glass.

Then I tried to get a close up pic of these little squiggly bits which were in the centre of the circles. You can see one really well defined in the pic below on the right hand side.

Def something to think about and possibly try again....hhhmmm

The little things....

The last two days at work have been killers for me, mainly because I am coming down with a cold and have been crazy tired. My back has been really bad the last couple of days, feels like someone has screwed a metal plate to the middle of my back because I can't move it properly. But thats life!

However both yesterday night and tonight when I was driving home there were some rays of sunshine beaming out of some clouds. I dunno why but it made me feel happier and I guess relaxed. Would have been a good kodak moment. But since I didn't have a camera on hand I thought I would search the net for something similar.

Was very similar to this but without the water. Aaaahhh the wonders of nature.

52 Creations - Week 8

I was determined to be on time with my photos this week so I haven't been able to do the finishing touches. All of these cabs need re-fusing once I have grinded some of the marks away. However you can get the jiist of it anyway. I think I will be adding some more frit to the one on the left hand side when I put it back in the kiln, it's not colourful enough for me.

Lil bit of sunshine

I have been so slack with this. On Friday one of my lovely beady ladies Margie from Marlier Designs gave me the sunshine award! Thanks Margie!!

These are the rules:
The rules for accepting the Sunshine Award are:

- Put the logo on your blog or within your post.

- Pass the award onto six bloggers

- Link the nominees within your post.

- Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

- Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Here are some of my favourite bloggers which I have passed the sunshine award onto...

Nat from Beadmonki Lampwork
Maxine from Glass By Girlfriday
Sally from Happily Ever Artist
Karyn from Releases by Rufydoof
Julz from Meanderings By Julz
Nikki from You SEW Girl

WIP Progress - Beaded Cab

Well I know I only started the cab yesterday but I have been wanting to have more of a play with my beads since!! So I have finished the cab except for the edging and the bail. I must say that as I was building the beads up this morning I was getting worried that it's too chunky and I don't like it. But my the time I had finished and randomly played around with some ideas in my head, I really LOVE this cab.

After doing the first two rows of backstitch I decided that I would try stepping up with peyote (I think??). Well I don't know if I have done it right or not but this is how it turned out. I think I should have stepped up one more with the smaller seed beads and it would have been more obviously. But I like it the way it is.

Here is my cab after going up one row with the bigger beads.

Here is my cab after adding the smaller beads between the larger ones. This is probably where I should have gone up another step with the smaller beads but I liked it like this! Looks nice and snug. You can still see a little bit of the clear through the sides if you look hard enough but generally I got it covered pretty good.

Then I umm'ed and ahhh'ed about adding another row of backstitch around the edge and which colour to add. I was going to use the clear black lined seedies which are in the previous post but I think the black look better.

Told ya the back would start to get messier as I kept going. The outside stitches are my black row of seed beads.

Then I was mucking around with my bigger beads trying to to add 'something' different to the cab. I tried them up the top but they wouldn't sit properly so I was going to add a bunch down the bottom to compliment the fringe I wanted to do. But I ended up with this! I really love it and it is something I would def wear now. I don't think I'll be adding the fringe. It's not quite in the centre of the cab but does that really matter?? I am anal about those things but I have left this one for some reason.

Just a little close up of the beads down the bottom. I used some of my older seed beads I found and some glass black pearls.

Will add more pics once it is all finished. It's going to be tricky doing the edging around this little chunky bit. Wish me luck!!

WIP - Beaded Cab

Well some time ago I found these old seed beads which I would have got when I was about 10 years old?? I had a black cab which was a bit of a reject as it didn't turn out like I wanted so thought I would bead around it with these seed beads I found!

Here is my new embroidery scissors (yay!) and my glued on beaded cab. I have draw a black line with a texta so that you can't notice the white LSS under the beads.

Here is some of my seed beads which I have found, I still have about half a bag to sort into colours. In this pic I have circled which beads I'll be using in the beading in yellow and I have used red to circle which ones I MIGHT use if I add some bits and pieces onto the cab. If I am feeling game enough....

After one round of pink beads. You can see that the cab does have some see through gaps so I am going to have to bead as much as I can to cover these. Although I keep forgetting they are there and go "oh yeh I have to keep going to cover that".

Doesn't look much different does it?? This is with the second row of beads ontop of the others. If the beads were a different colour or smaller size then you would notice more of a difference.

Ah Ha! The second row shows its head. Looks like I have one wonky bead there but I am quite proud of myself! I can't get over how neat these beads are sitting.

Then this is the back of my beaded cab after two rows. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! This will get a lot messier by the time that I am finished.

Make Over

OK well my new design on my blog has never really sat right with me. While I was happy with how it looked I still wanted something.......more! So I'm going to be working on re-designing it over the next couple of days. If you pop in for a read and it looks all weird just letting you know why!

On anothe note, I just made a cab and for some reason looks like it has a crack in it! :( Oh well, I'll have to wait and see when I get it out of the kiln.

Artist Profile - Carolyn Burns

Welcome everyone to my first installment of my Artist Profile. My numero uno will be lucky Carolyn Burns. So get yourself into a comfy chair, grab your favourite drink and get to know Lyn!

NAME: Carolyn (Lyn) Burns

To start with tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a 26 year old Jewellery Artist. I run a home based computer business with my husband as well as being a full-time “beader”. I have had tutorials published in Australian Beading magazine and I teach a small group of ladies basic beading techniques.

How did you first get interested in beading/jewellery making?
I started making jewellery as a hobby in 2004. I started off with a basic’s kit that I bought online. I had no idea at the time what to do with anything. I made a basic pair of earrings which consisted of 3 plastic pearls on a head pin and a small elastic bracelet with the remaining plastic pearls. Over time and a lot of internet research I found out about different styles of beading and techniques. I have experienced many mediums in beading and jewellery making such as making my own polymer clay beads to Lampworking. I honestly never felt at home with wirework, but admire those who can! I thankfully have found my calling with seed beads.

Where do you gain your inspiration from? E.g. Trial & Error, Books etc.
My inspiration has always been colour, when designing a new piece I get out my sketch book and draw what first came into my mind. I find colour palettes for that subject. I like to research topics to gain as much insight as I can. I often find that the piece I end up with is nothing to what I had scribbled down earlier. I once made a pair of earrings (Gold chain & findings with green cat’s eye and topaz Swarovski’s) after seeing a cup of two minute noodles with added peas and corn, I like to challenge myself with competitions entries as well. There is definitely an abundance of trial and error in my work, I have a giant UFO box on my desk of piece that just didn’t turn out as I had envisioned. I also read constantly, I have approximately 200 (give or take a few) books, on bead weaving, stringing and the odd one or two of lampwork and polymer clay techniques. I also keep up to date with trends via fashion websites and have plenty of beading magazines on the shelves. I also use a colour website and concoct my own palettes and use various palettes other user’s have made as well and interpret that into my designs.

What type of beads or materials do you use in your designs or like to work with?
I have been hooked on seed beads for a while now, when I first started to bead I vowed to myself that I would never work with seed’s as they are way too small. Now my theory is the small the better, I prefer to make shapes and focal beads with seed beads. I try to incorporate seed beads into most of my work. I am also a hoarder when it comes to Swarovski! I have quite a score of factory packs to fiddle with on hand. Swarovski colours are just astonishing. I look forward to their new releases every season!

Do you tend to stick to a general theme with your designs?
I’m really into a romantic theme at the moment. Romantic and vintage pieces will be a big theme for me this season. Most of my designs have been very intricate but, I also believe in simplicity of designs sometimes more often than not, less is better.

What techniques do you use in your jewellery/bead making?
I do a lot of bead weaving/stitching. Peyote is one of my all time favourite stitches and almost always start to use this stitch first when trying new things.

Do you plan your pieces before constructing them or are they made as you go? On average how long would it take you to make a piece of jewellery or bead?
I plan and research. It can take days or even weeks to create a piece. The design process for me is long, but I want the end result to speak to the wearer. The piece has to have its own story or memory to me. After all is it wearable art!

What do you find to be the greatest and most fulfilling about your jewellery/bead making and designing?
Beading is the ultimate in relaxation. There is nothing more satisfying then sitting on my back deck or in my garden and beading or sorting beads. I can spend hours just looking at colour combinations. I am extremely passionate about beading and I find it fulfilling to learn new stitches and gathering inspirations whether it be photos of flowers or even everyday items.

Where can your pieces be seen or purchased?
On my website at

Finally do you have any advice or tips for those who are starting out in bead/jewellery making?
Don’t think your pieces are never good enough to show, always be proud of the piece you have created. We all have to start out somewhere and beading takes patience!

I would like to thank Lyn for participating in my first Artist Profile!

And the first artist to profile is....

This morning I drew my 'name out of a hat' for my first Artist to Profile on my blog. I couldn't find a "hat" on hand so I had to use my beanie.

And the first person will be....*dum dum dum*..........

I will be emailing Lyn the profile questions soon and will upload her profile once everything is done and dusted :)

52 Creations - Week 7

Finally got some nice sunny weather today so I got to take a semi-decent pic of this weeks creations.

One of my experiments which needs to be experimented again is my little alien dude. I kind of fused his eye down a little too far but lucky it still has some depth to it even thought it is barely raised. He also has some incredibly red lips! Either way I still think he is kinda cute!

Also the red/purple one is from the accident the other day. It didn't turn out too bad in the end and no doubt I can work with it somehow. Oh also in the green one I found that the fit must have some of that glitter glass in it as this one has some little glitter sparkles which I put it in the sun. I'll have to check out the other one that I made and see if it has it as well. Adds something a little special to the cab. Might have to look into getting some of it in sheet form.

On a good/bad note. I got my study materials the other day so I am going to have to slow down the cab making for a little while. Depends on how quickly I get stuff done and how much "relax" time I allow myself. I should be able to get one or two things made each week though. Force myself to relax and chill.

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day and Chinese New Year! Here is a pic of my boyfriends present which I decorated with ribbons and little hearts.

A few tweeks

Just popping in. If you notice that my blog looks a little bit brighter, it should! I have changed some of the font colours around so that they aren't as hard to read. I have had a couple of my readers say that they found the darker pink hard to read so now it is a brighter pink!

Anyways I did take some photos late tonight of my cabs for this week but the photos have come out terrible! I was going to post them but figured they aren't even worth posting so I'll try and get some better photos tomorrow morning or Monday morning.

However last night I did go out to the Chinese New Year markets and also The Rocks markets and took a couple of photos. Nothing too spectacular. It had rained heavily while we were having dinner at The Rocks so I thought a pic of the cars coming up the wet road looked effective.

Chinese Markets at Belmore Park

Stall selling Chinese New Year decorations

The Rocks
Dodgy picture of the Opera House through the trees
The Rocks
Water Fountain at Darling Harbour

Oh Noooo!

Well today before I went to work I decided to give the finishing touches to a couple of cabs that I had made but need to grind and make shiny again. Anyway I popped a larger purple one and a smaller red one in together to save time and just did my little heating routine thinking everything will be ok. Well before I left for work I thought I'll just check the cabs to make sure they got nice and shiny.

Well not only did they get nice and shiny but they also got nice and CONNECTED!!! So now I have a 'ten pin' looking cab in my kiln with a red top and a purple bottom. While it does look pretty funky in general I have NO idea what to do with it. Some firepaper stuck to it so I am guessing that I will have to grind it AGAIN and make it shiny AGAIN. Might turn it into a pendant. They aren't my type of colours but it doesn't look too bad actually.

52 Creations - Week 6

Ok ok I know I am a little bit late posting these ones this week but I was hoping to get some more finished before taking photos for this weeks 52 creations.

So for this week I only have these two cabs. Even though I am not a "green" person I really like the green cab and how it turned out! The other cab is just a larger experiment of another cab that I made in a smaller version and thought it would look funky a bit bigger. I think it just might be a keeper!

I do have another two cabs which are made but just need some touch ups so I didn't post them up. I also have another three or something ready to go so I might get one or two of them made today if I can push myself to do it. I am sooo tired!

Also if any of you find some of my words are missing an "r" it's because my "r" key seems to be a little bit funny to press and doesn't respond sometimes. So I apologise if my 'there' and 'here' turn into thee and hee. I'm not trying to turn into shakespeare or something.

On an update for my Artist Profile as well. I have made a list of 10 questions which I think cover the basics but will also be quite interesting to read. All my of artists will be forum members from the Australian Beading Forum. However not all of our members are from Australia so there will be some artist profiles from other countires too! :)

Artist Profiles

Well I have decided to start another section of my blog called "Artist Profile". I am part of the Australian Beading Forum and there are SO MANY talented ladies and gentlemen that I feel I want to get to know some more about them and about their beading/creative journey. So I will do a feature artist profile once every couple of months which will outline certain things like how they started, where they get inspiration from and what type of materials they like to use. I will also post up a couple of the artists pieces which they have made to showcase just SOME of their talent.

I am still working on what info I will be asking and the layout so still give me a week or so depending on how busy I am over the next week. I also have to find my first feature artist!! I don't know how to pick, there are so many that I want to know more about. Maybe just a lucky dip out of a hat!

I won!!!

What did I win??

One of the lovely ladies on the Australian Beading Forum was having a giveaway of gift vouchers on her website. I won the second prize which is a $2o voucher!!! I am so EXCITED!! I have been eyeing off one of her rings for a long long time but can never justify spending the money on myself. So now I have a little incentive to get one! Yippeeee!!

Check out Sallys website "Happily Ever Artist" or if you prefer having a read then check out her Blog here. Happy browsing! :D

52 Creations - Week 4 & 5 con't

Here are some more of my 52 creations for week 4 & 5. The pic wasn't the best so you can't really see the colours in the top cab. Its a mixture of blue and greens.

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