Website Building

I used to make all sorts of websites when I was younger and at school. I can't even remember what they were but they never seemed to be as hard as it is now to make one.

I am using a place called Yola and they basically have a free hosting section on their site which I am using. It isn't the best but it's good to start with until I get a feel of if I want to commit to a better website or not. I have done bits and pieces to get used to the site builder and it's not going too bad, just have to sort out how I am going to organise my cab lists.

Oh another note I am feeling a lot better than what I was yesterday. I am lucky that I didn't wake up with a terrible headache like I have the past few days but I can still feel something going on in my head which doesn't seem too good lol

Back to work for the next two days and off for a busy weekend of indulging myself in junk food...but oh well!! hehe


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