New Project

Well I haven't updated in over a week and don't I feel slack. I have had so much stuff going on lately I've been getting sleep any spare moments that I have.

Anywho there is a new challenge on the beading forum in the polymer clay section for miniatures. So I've decided that I am gonna try and do some! Yay!

So far my ideas are to do a basket with some flowers in it, a vase with some flowers either roses or something with long stems and then I also might try ice cream or a banana sundae..mmm that makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Should hopefully be done over the next few days but I can't make promises because Feb is going to be a very very busy month for me. I also have a new necklace which I need to post but it's been pouring here so haven't had the chance to get any good photos outside.


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