Book Review - Beading Inspiration: How to use colour in jewellery design

TITLE: Beading Inspiration
How to use colour in jewellery design
AUTHOR: Bead & Button Magazine,Beadstyle Magazine
PUBLISHER: Kalmbach Pub Co
FORMAT: Softcover

Well this is my book which arrived from the states not long a go. I read a review for it in one of my Australian Beading magazines and thought it looked really good and sometimes I do struggle knowing what colours to put together and if 'this' goes with 'that'.

It is approximately 96 pages and the reading is easy and the instructions are simple to follow.

The book begins off with giving some ways of where we can get inspiration from such as nature for example and also explains how a colour wheel works, which I found to be very very helpful. It also has a couple of pages on basic techniques which is good for beginners and it also taught me a few things.

From them on in it has over 30 different projects incorporating colours and showing which colours go with what. I found it really good for the main fact is I struggle with colours that I don't use very often like reds or browns. At the end it also shows how to use metallics in jewellery like silver, bronze and gold. I have found it hard sometimes to make a piece which is majority gold or silver yet finding a colour which won't stand out so bright when used.

All of the projects have a step by step guide with photos showing you exactly how to create each piece. I LOVE instructions which come with photos because I am more of a visual person, sometimes words just don't cut it for me or I talk myself around in circles. I haven't made anything as such from the book yet but I am loving some of the designs and definitely have got some inspiration and ideas from it.

I'm not too sure on the price of this item, as I did buy it from Amazon and all the prices were in American currency. I haven't checked the credit card bill either hehe to see how much it was. I think it is worth it though for anyone who wants some inspiration or wants to learn how to use colours.


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