Update - Storage and Cabs

Well I have been pretty limited with my time lately so I haven't got many cabs actually made but I do have four on standby ready to be fused so I should hopefully get some of them done this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

First up is a couple of cabs that I have made. The first one was my test to do my yin/yang cab but the sides didn't turn out as I wanted so I just changed it a little and added some little spots. I fused the spots down a little too far so they are only slightly rasied.
This cab was actually made from white glass and "frit" like glass I had from when some other glass broke and when I put it in the water it shattered. I kept the pieces just incase to see what I could do with it. The 'frit' was clear with little bits of clear blue through it so this cab actually has some depth to it, sort of layered effect. It was impossible to get a photo of it.
Now these are my new containers that I have bought for my frit! These are actually toothpick holders which are quite big so I can fit lots and lots of frit. I made the labels for each one with its details. The top bit is pretty funky because I can use it to pour the frit as much or as little as I want!
Hope to have some more photos over the next few days. Will update my flickr once I have taken more photos.


Releases by Rufydoof said...
June 12, 2009 at 9:05 PM

I remember you mentioning these on the forum and I had no idea what you were talking about lol... that's a great idea... especially the picture on the label too... good thinking ♥

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