Yin Yang experiment

Well I have come up with a new idea today. It isn't really THAT original but I thought I might as well give it a go and see how it turns out in glass fusing. I wanted to try and create a similar cab to yin and yang but I won't be able to get the curves properly, at least not on purpose maybe by accident. I did a rough pic of what my 'before' piece of glass should look like.

However I am not sure if I should fuse the black and white base first and let it turn into a cab and then do the dots after that and fuse them in or if I should just do it in one big go. Hmmm decisions...decisions....

On another note I have found that the glue I used to stick my bails and that on my pieces doesn't seem to wanna stick. My cab just pulled off about 10minutes ago. For the earrings it'll probably be alright because I won't play with them as much as I do with the pendants. Looks like I may have to try another brand. Grr


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