Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today I finally got around to going to Bunnings (thats a hardware store for those of you who don't know) and I had a look at the Dremel stuff. As I have mentioned before in my posts the bit that I had to make dents for my Cubic Zurc's didn't fit my dremel so I needed to go and see if I could get another sized chuck. They had a packed of four different sized chucks and an extra collette so I took that because I wasn't sure what size I needed for my diamond bit. So this afternoon I was playing around with my new but not so new toy! It is sooo easy to use and so smooth and I am sooo happy!!

This is my little set up. You can see how messy my desk is! What a shocker. The glass has to be submerged in water to prevent the glass from cracking and also to keep it cool. It also helped to protect the diamond bit and make it last longer.

Here are my little holes!! I was testing out making bigger and smaller ones just for the different sizes of CZ's that I have. I tested the 2.5mm ones in the small hole and it fit almost perfectly!
Anyway while I was at Bunnings I was looking at the grinding stones because my dremel fell and clips my grinding stone and I was also checking out the engraving bits. Well I never knew diamond tip bits were SO expensive! One of the diamond tip engraving bits was $40 on its own.

So after some more looking Mum found this kit with 11 pieces in it. Two of which are diamond tip and I know I can use at least one of the bits as a grinding stone. Guess how much it was?? $25!!!!!! You'd have to be an idiot to pay $40 for one piece when this set was hanging less than a meter away. So I was very pleased with everything that I got today. I haven't opened my 11 piece set yet but I will be trying out the engraving very soon as well! Ah the ideas that are running around in my head.

Me is very happy!


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