Test Complete

Well it seem thats the mixing of the COE 96 and 104 glass didn't go too bad!! I didn't have any glass reactions and the cab looks normal. Of course it could still be weakened and not last the distance of the normal cabs so once it is annealed I will be chucking it into my bag or wallet and see how it handles. If it doesn't crack or anything then it should be alright to make others and use in my jewellery or sell!!

Geeze the possibilities will be endless then!

I am hoping to drop off my made cabs tomorrow sometime to the lovely Nat. I do have a plan to make my nephew a pendant and put it on some leather thonging but I think I will put it off for tonight as it is really cold outside and I don't really feel like sitting out there tonight. But who knows, I might change my mind.

Still no study has been done...argh.


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