getting back into glass!

Well the last couple of days I have been making a few things here and there which has been really nice! I should be doing my study but I just can't seem to get into it so instead of wasting my time getting nowhere with my assignments I just thought I'd do something else. probably won't have some pics up for a while but just a note to let you guys know I am attempting to get back into it!

Plus I have created a new banner for my artfire shop and also my yola website that I want to build. So I am hoping to get that up and running over the next few months..maybe a fresh start for the new year??

This is a small pic of what my banners look like. I will probably change my blog around a little bit too so that it all matches in with each other.

I also got a free offer for some new things called squiz cards which are plastic little cards, like the ones gyms hand out now. So I have some of them coming in the mail over the next 2 weeks which will be exciting. Only get 50 but thats better then nothing!!


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