New Years resolutions..

Well I know it isn't even christmas yet and I am already making goals for next year. I suppose there never is a set time as to when to make them.

The biggest thing that I want to achieved next year is to complete my study so that I have my Cert IV in Mental Health. It will probably take me another 6months or so before I am able to compelete it due to the work experience hours and how limited I am in time during the week to do it. But I will get there.

I also have some beady resolutions. I want to learn how to do more techniques with my cabs. Some of the ladies on the beading forum have really inspired me with their jewellery pieces and I want to be able to do the same things as them. I also want to get a website/artfire up and running at the beginning of next year. I am hoping to work on it over my time off...which is what I have said numerous times before. I also want to sell more of my cabs next year. I definately don't see selling them as a profitable thing at the moment as most of the money made goes back on paying board or something like that anyway. However it would be great if it were a profitable business...maybe eventually :P

For my car I want to get my rims sometime in the near furture, just depends how quickly I can save up some money for them. I think I have about $200-300 at the moment so another $500 and I should be sweet to go. I also would like to get a spoiler for my car and get the scratches fixed on it. I actually saw a business van drive past me on my way to work yesterday who 'come to you' and do scratches/dents etc in bumper bars so it might be better to get someone like them to do it than do it myself and possibly stuff it up.

Last but not least is to just be fit and healthy. This year I have really let my fitness level slip. I have done barely any exercise but I have just started getting back into walking again with my boyfriend so we are doing that 2 times a week at the moment. Better than nothing!!

Well thats my list for the moment. I will make a proper one so I am able to check them off once I have completed something. Next year is going to be good!! But first...get christmas out of the way.


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