Christmas Present

I have finished my second beaded cab and it's going to be going to my Nan for christmas. I hope she likes it!! I was awake till almost 1am on Saturday night finishing it off, I just couldn't put it down hehe. I used one of my own cabs, blue/black/silver seed beads and some lovely blue swarovski crystals!

I have also been busy making a pair of earrings for christmas and just some odds and sods for me but I don't have pictures of them loaded onto the computer yet. Will post them at a later date!

I have almost finished my christmas shopping. I can't believe how busy the shops have gotten over the past couple of weeks. I work at a shopping centre two days a week and holey moley! The parking is getting worse and wose which sucks for me because as 'staff' we only get limited undercover parking as the rest is for customers. Boo to the cusomers, I wanna park out of the sun and the rain!!!!

I also plan to start getting a website together over the christmas holiday period, if not then I hope to have my blog made over and have my artfire account up and running. I don't start studying again till the start of next year so I am hoping to use this spare time wisely!


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