52 Creations - Week 12

It seems I have been quite busy this week making some cabs. I didn't think I had done as many as this but oh well, I'm not complaining! Got to test out two new frits, Mood Swing and Fairy Dust which I received from GirlFriday (Thank You!). Also had a play with some bits and pieces I had received from Nat (BeadMonki). So here is my Week 12 offerings!

Also recently I have been looking into making hair accessories for little girls (or big girls). Along the way I came across some tutorials for making hairclip holders which I thought were great! What little girl doesn't need more room for her hair pretties! One of our friends little girls is 5 next week so I thought I would make her one of these hair clip holder things.

Well here is my first attempt. Her name is Taylor so I thought a cute little "T" would be a nice touch, was good to get my paints out again to make it white. Then I found some cute little butterflies in the scrapbooking section of a cheap shop and they were perrrfect since she LUUURRVVVESS butterflies. Plus I'm pretty sure her two favourite colours are pink and purple....soooo....I think I am pretty safe with this :)

Little purple butterfly in the corner of the hairclip holder.

White 'T' with a pink butterfly. Just adds that personal touch.

I had to get my mum to help me with the stapling of the material and ribbons but I don't think it turned out too bad for my first attempt. Lets hope Taylor likes it!


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