Been absent

Well I have joined the sick list which is why I haven't updated for a while. A nasty sinus infection struck me down last Tuesday night and really put me on the back foot. Luckily I caught it early and my anitbiotics have really made me feel better a lot quicker than usual. Although I was in bed for approx 3 days straight and it has done nothing for my back but thats another story. So I am hoping to get back into making stuff over the next couple of days. I did make a necklace for my little nephew who came to visit but I didn't get a photo in time. Might have to get his nann to take one for me of him wearing it. But I am feeling better now. I still have some conjestion in my sinuses and into my ears but I am hoping thats just the end of it and will be cleared up soon.

On a lighter note I did find these cute lolcats. hehe they make me smile.


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