Cubic Zirconia Tutorial

Well this isn't going to be the best tutorial but thought I would post up some pics and info on how I do my cubic zirconias in my glass.

This is my little set up. It is a takeaway container filled with water, the water has to cover the top of the glass piece plus some more just incase. I have my little permanent Sharpie marker and my little red cabs which I am going to be working on.
Here I have marked out on the glass where I want the dots to be. This just helps by giving me a guide in the water as to where the middle of the cab is. The marker does come off quickly once the dremel touches it so its important to make sure you have control otherwise you will have to mark it again. This is my bit that I use in my dremel to make the 'dents'.
This is how I hold my glass in the dish. I really shouldn't be doing it this way so I wouldn't recommend it. However I would recommend putting either some styrofoam or a thing layer of wood on the bottom on the container just incase you do drill all the way through by accident. You don't want water going everywhere.
When first using the dremel on the cabs it is important to keep a steady hand as it can slip and slide a little bit. Once the dent has been started just apply medium pressure into the glass and that should give you the best control over the depth. Voila! Here are my little cabs with their 'dents'.
As you can see in this pic the Cubic zirconia isn't sitting flush with the cab and personally I like mine to sit as even as they can before fusing. This is because when the cab is being re-fused it actually lifts the cubic zirconias slightly so they will end up raised. To make it sit flush I just picked up my dremel again and while drilling I also did a slow 'circle' motion. This makes the dent a little bit wider and allows for the stones to sit flush.
Here are my little cabs with all their bling! As you can see around the edges of the holes it is a little scratchy. This will disappear and become smooth again once they are fused!
Hope that was simple enough for anyone who is trying to follow it!


Releases by Rufydoof said...
July 22, 2009 at 2:54 PM

Great tutorial Bree... I tried adding some CZ's at the start and fusing the glass and the CZ's together - no drilling... they were nearly invisible! Will have to give this way a try ♥

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