Blinging Up My Dress

Every year I have a ball that I have been going to for almost 10 years now, could even be 10 years! This year I thought I would go a little more understated in terms of dressing up. I bought this dress the other day for $50! Which is a steal considering most of my other dresses I have worn have cost at least $250 and up. But I thought that it needed a little something extra and have been looking at using some Swarovski Rhinestones on the black area of the dress. In the pic below you can see the colours that I have picked out which I think match my dress best. I like the idea of using a colour to make a nice focal decoration but I don't think I am experienced enough yet. I think the jet and black diamond would be a safer option but it'll still add some sparkle to the dress. I was going to go with diamonte straps as well but if I am wearing a sparkley necklace it might be too much......

....what do you guys think?


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