52 Creations - Week 3

Well these are my offering for this week! First off I have my cabs which I have made this week. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Still having trouble with the firepaper but I always have my good old dremel to sand it off and re-fuse!

The bracelet and earrings are a present for a friends little girl who is turning 5 tomorrow. She starts school in Feb this year and since she is going to a Catholic school I imagine they have a pretty strict rule on what they can and can't wear to school. But she loves her jewellery so I'm sure she'll find sometimes to wear it.

This necklace is something which has been going around in my head for a while now. It is only simple but I really enjoyed making it and the style is really comfy to wear. Once I got a hang on doing those triple sliding knots of whatever they are called...maybe chinese sliding knots?? Something like that!

I have updated my website as well. I have added some new cabs to the gallery section. I will have a heap of cabs to put up for sale once I actually get them annealed which will probably take a couple of weeks still so maybe I should get to making some more!

Also for those of you who use twitter and facebook you can follow me on both of these. I created a page on facebook and an account on twitter. Click on the links below to go to each page.


Well I have been quite a little busy bee this past week! I think my course enrollment should go through soon so I am making the most of the time that I have!


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