52 Creations - Week 4 & 5

Very sorry for the late update but here are some of my creations from the last two weeks. Not much compared to other weeks but I have been quite busy this week plus the heat doesn't help as I need to go outside to my glass. The black and white based ones are using my "rocky" homemade frit. I want to make some more of these cabs but they take a little more prep time because I am using the rod glass. The othe cab is actually made with ivory glass base which I soon learnt reacts with aqua/blue coloured glass. If you click on the photo you can see more clearly that the blue glass as a brownish outline to it. I have another cab getting ready with some solid aqua glass, the one above I used translucent blue glass.

So I will update with some more cabs over the weekend but I just have to make them first.

I have some bad news but I will do a seperate post for that which will be located ^^^ above once I have written anyway.

On a good note though my Facebook group has reached 70 fans! Absolutely awesome effot by everyone. I am hoping to get to 100 fans by the end of the year and I MAY just have a special give away ;) So if you know any friends o family who are into jewellery, glass or simply like handmade items then ask them to join!


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