Welcome 2010!

Well this is my first post for a new year. I have to say that I have been making some cabs but the light in the microwave has gone so it's hard to do stuff at night without having the light. I have to wait to do stuff during the day which is hard because I'm barely home.

I have started work on my website! It's looking pretty good too...just for a simple site. Yola is a really good service if anyone wants a simple site which is free! I haven't published the site yet so I can't show any sneek peeks or anything like that. I am hoping to get a few more products up for sale and then I will prob let it free onto the net to run wild!

In my 'normal' world, I go back to work on Wednesday which I am NOT looking forward to. I do need the money but I really wish I had taken the rest of this week off. I would do it if I knew I didn't already have some important appointments already booked in. Oh well, such is life. Thinking I may even take a week off during the year to give myself a bit of a break. Today I did buy a new TV though!! Excitement!! It's an LG 32inch Full HD LCD. I can't wait to get it hooked up and get my new Foxtel so that everything will look nice and clear.

Hope you are all having a good start to the year. I didn't make many resolutions..just goals which I would like to achieve this year but won't be disappointed if I don't.


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