52 Creations - Week 17 and 18

Well I am doing a little bit of a catch up this week. I haven't uploaded any new stuff for about two weeks so I am doing week 17 and week 18 in one post.

First of all my offerings for week 17. These are two cabs, one made from a scrap piece of Nats glass (bottom left) and the other in one of my new-ish frits on some black glass. Love how bright the colours have come out.

This is week 18! It's not cabs but some jewellery. I saw a pattern in one of the latest beading mags and thought it would look pretty with some of the beads that I had. Well......my bracelets aren't really anything like the pattern but I think they still look great!! The first one with the blue and black crystals is my own bracelet and the second one with the purple and black crystals is for my mum.

Close up of the pattern of the black and blue crystals.

Close up of the pattern of the purple and black crystals.

Today I went to some markets in the city at Glebe which weren't too bad but nothing overly special. Went to go to the ones at Paddington as well but holey moley we couldn't get a parking spot within a decent walking distance. So we ended up heading out to the I Love You Beads shop. I had never been there before and we got a little lost on the way but thanks to the helpfullness of my lovely boyfriend, he looked it up at home and told us where to go. I....LOVE...THAT....SHOP!!! Didn't plan on buying as much as we did but everything was soooo so so so cheap I couldn't resist. Hopefully it'll get me back into making some jewellery again. It's sooo relaxing! So I've had a very busy day and then we're off to a friends place tomorrow for a BBQ and to watch the footy because my team plays over in New Zealand this week. Another busy busy weekend and I wonder where my time goes....


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