52 Creations - Week 19

Well I have quite a bit to update...

First of all my creations for this week aren't going to be glass related, or even jewellery related. I have been looking at making girls hair accessories for some times, even incorporating my cabs into it somehow. Anyways yesterday I tried making some korkers! I did only buy some cheap ribbon from a dollar shop to test it out on and while the ribbon isn't 100% good quality I still think they turned out alright.

This one is the first one I made with purple, blue and white ribbon. The white ribbon was a better quality. Now you're meant to have the curls all the same length bt the blue ones were a little bit longer as their curls weren't made as tight as the others and I was still counting '5 curls' long. I don't think it looks too bad but the longer curls don't work really well...

This one is better, made with purple, pink and white ribbon. There is def more pink though as I used plain pink and spotted pink ribbon in this korker. All of the curls are basically the same length...however it sits rather flat instead of puffy and bouncy. So now I have come to the conclusion that my lengths are too long. Instead of counting curls I think I will go for lengths that are about 6cm. The ones in this korker are almost 9cm long. Also the cheaper ribbon going quite floppy so I think that adds to the curls falling flat too.

I have been testing frit blends for one of the lampworking ladies on the ABF so I do have some cabs made which need to be touched up because of the STUPID fire paper being a b*tch again. However the weather is shit today and most likely tomorrow so I will have to wait to get some piccies of them.

Lastly it is my nans 88th birthday today!!! She opened all of her pressies this morning and we have to pop down to the local soon to grab her a yummy cake. This is a pic taken last night when we went out for dinner.


Mandy Smith said...
June 18, 2010 at 5:48 AM

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