Loads of glass!!

On Saturday I was visiting one of the ladies from the Beading Forum, Natsprat as she said she had some 96 glass which she had that she cannot use. Sheesh, by the time I got out of there I had had a mini lampworking demo, given tonnes and tonnes of glass, given silver bits, glow in the dark dust, and lots and lots of other stuff! Not only this but Nat also has offered to anneal my pieces for me in her kiln as I am unable to do it myself. Very very generous lady! Oh and also to add she gave us a dozen eggs! I haven't had one yet because I was very crook over the weekend and didn't wanna mess with my stomach but I'll be having one soon!

Can't wait to get my pieces back so that I can start taking some decent photos of them to put up on my flickr.


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