Tacking Continued & New Fused Glass

This is actual pictures of the tacking that I have been trying out. This isn't the exactly photo but is a general idea of what I started out with in the beginning.

Then after I had done my melting to the point that I was happy this is the result! One side has melted a little more then than the other, not sure why but that doesn't really matter.
I was doing another one like this with clear rods to place on top of this one to make a pendant. But the glass rods kept rolling everywhere and I think they may have fused some of the dust residue from the fire paper inbetween where the rods are tacked. I will have to have a look once it has cooled down. If it has then I will probably just melt this one a little but longer and just have the pendant as it is. I will have to grind the edges to make it a bit more smooth and even. Another step in my glass adventures!

Also I have updated my Flickr account with some more fused glass photos. Go and check them out!


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