My Steps in Fusing Glass

Since starting this new venture I thought I would do a mini step by step process to show how some of the fused glass pieces are made.

Step 1

Here you can see that I have already cut out my glass that I have wanted to use. I have a plain black base, three odd pieces of dichroic glass and then a clear glass over the top. This is slightly bigger then then the black to stop the bottom from melting up the sides.

This is just a side on view for you to see how the glass is stacked. Unless you want to try and get an exactly perfect pattern then the glass doesn't have to be even. Sometimes I like to melt different things just to see what effect I get.

Step 2

I have put my piece into the microwave on the kiln base. I do have a piece of thin kiln fire paper down underneath the glass pieces so that no sticking occures.

Step 3

This is after I have started melting/fusing the glass. This was right at the end once I was happy with the outcome. You can see that its glowing a really bright red. It is very important that when looking at this stage not to stare at the glass for too long as it can do some damage to your eyes.

Step 4

From here I let the glass set for approximately an hour or so. I find that if I leave the glass in the microwave to cool then it can take up to 90minutes for it to be cool enough to take out of the kiln. If I leave the glass in the microwave for approximately 30minutes and then take it out and place it somewhere to cool then I can generally take it out of the kiln at around the 60minute mark.

Step 5

This is my final product. You can see that a little air bubble got trapped in the middle of the cab.


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