Making my mark....

Over the past month or so I been thinking about how I could leave my mark on my work. Nat gave me some funky "B" Murrini which she had made for another project but they are just a little awkward to put on some of my cabs, especially if I don't want to fuse them again. Although I have come up with another idea for them, muhaha.

Anywho, back on track I have been testing out my engraving bit with my dremel and I just don't seem to have great control so whatever I end up writting turns out to look like a mess. Just scribble really. So I have been thinking about using a pen which won't rub off glass. I have no idea where I could get one but one of my other pieces has a signature on the back so I know there has to be at least one around somewhere.

Now the question what do I sign? My name is too long and I can't fit my Beads By Bree on the back of my cabs..well I could it would just take up a lot of space. So then I have been thinking about something which is simple and something that I would recognise. I have come up with a simple star and a "B". Nothing overly special, I just like stars and my name starts with a B.

Since making the decision to do that I have quickly made up a little sig which I can use at the end of each of my posts. It looks quite messy as it was drawn freehand with my mouse but I figured that is how it's going to look on the back of my cabs anyway so why not!?!

In other news I do have some piccies of my cabs from this week however I will probably edit them and all that jazz when I am over my boyfriends place tomorrow. Then I'll post them up here for all of you lovelies to see!

Until next time...


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