New Necklace

EDIT:: Completed piece with an added bead and chain. Also just a overall better photo.

This necklace is for a friend for her birthday. I was gonna use one of my raspberry and black pendants with the silver leafing but couldn't decide which one to use so made something completely different.

The black tear drop shape is made from polymer clay with glaze. Where I inserted the headpins I actually some cute little bali spacers just to dress it up a little bit. The dangles are made with random glass beads and some czech faceted beads too.

Close up of polymer clay piece

I thought I had some chain but don't, so this is just the focal bit of the necklace, it's not actually in its finished form. Its going to be one of those long necklaces which hang bust and below, although when taking the photos on the black wire it does look good at a choker length too.

I also made one for myself using different bali spacers on the headpins and putting a crystal on either side up the top. This isn't glazed or anything and I might think about what I will do with mine. The crystal looks sort of green/yellow but it's really just got a double coating of AB.

I really like this idea. Next I want to try one with some silver leafing.


Mylene said...
October 23, 2008 at 7:02 PM

I love your finished piece - great photo too - looks really good. Lucky friend you have Bree!
P.S. found you on the Beading Forum :)

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