Welcome one and alll!

Well I would like to welcome you to my new blog!!

I won't bore you with the usual, "hi my name is" stuff. Basically this blog is going to be used to show all my jewellery creations that I make, want to make, have ideas to make and am in the process of making. I also plan on doing reviews of books I have read, websites, types of beads, clay, w
hatever I use, read or source as my inspiration.

To get the ball rolling I have some news on something I have made! Woo
Hoo!! I've only just started really getting into Polymer Clay lately and today made some cute little charms for some wine glass charm sets, however they aren't finished so you can't see them but I did have my first go at using metal leaf with my clay.

WOW can I say how much I love this stuff??!!

I have baked pieces to put together for some pendants so I can't show you them yet because they aren't finished however I didn't want to waste the left over metal leaf clay so I decided to cover a pen! I really think it looks funky.

And a close up!

Pen is made with Fimo Soft in Raspberry and Old World Art Silver Leaf.

I haven't covered it with anything to protect the silver leaf. I didn't want to put my glaze over it and don't think sanding and buffing will do much good but I could be wrong. So anyone who can give me a tip as what to do drop me a line!


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