Something Old and Something New

Well I took advantage today of the lovely sunshine in the afternoon and took some snaps. This first necklace isn't new but I didn't have decent photos of it before. Its made from Swarovski Crystals AB, Czech Glass Beads and some lovely Flower Lampwork beads.

I still haven't found anywhere to wear it yet.

Sparkle Sparkle

This is my new necklace. I had to re-string it a couple of times mainly because I didn't like the way the beads sat or they just weren't working for me. I ended up coming up with this. I was gonna go something chunkier for the necklace bit but thought it might take away from the glass pendant so I'm gonna leave it like this.

Made with Czech and just plain glass beads.

Back of the necklace. I made the stringing of beads a little thinner so it's not too chunky on the back of my neck.


Releases by Rufydoof said...
January 26, 2008 at 12:40 AM

Hey Bree - those lampwork flowers are adorable... nice work.

I'm Rufydoof from the forum and Karyn Healey-White from Facebook... hee hee... you know the one with the lovely sunflowers!!

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