Where does the time go??

Lately I have found it hard to find time to do anything quite crafty or glassy. I did have a little play the other day but I still barely got anything done. I have lots of ideas in my head but then when I put it all together it just doesn't seem to turn out that great. Then when I do get the time to have a sit down and work on some stuff I always have other things to do which come first.

I have made another cab with my 'rocky' frit so that isn't overly exciting even though I do love that frit I made as it works so effectively. It was meant to turn out to be something else but the glass ended having some yellow on it so I had to cover it in frit. Never mind....

At the moment I have a light pink base with a little bit of pink frit scattered on top in the micro kiln. I haven't looked at it since I fused the pink frit so I hope it looks alright. I do have a plan for it to become a ring IF it works out to what I have in my head. I'm hoping to add some little 'bumps' in some sort of pattern to finish it all off. I have been making some of my 'bump' decorations from Nat's murrini which works perfectly as I still get really awesome effects from the patterns on the murrini and they are also a good size for making the bumps. Lets hope everything goes to plan! Fingers crossed!


Releases by Rufydoof said...
April 27, 2010 at 11:12 AM

I know the feeling Bree - I don't seem to find the time either. I still have some frits from Anne that I was supposed to test - only managed to get about 6 of the 10 done and she sent them to me before Christmas!

Can't wait to see your latest creations.


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