Fimo Soft vs Sculpty III

Well when I first started using clay I was using Fimo Soft and found it hard to condition to begin with because the clay is so firm but once it is warmed up it is fine. I would say 805 of my clays which I have a the moment is Fimo Soft.

The art shop in the main shops where I live generally only stocks Sculpty III or Premo. So I decided to try out the sculpty one day to see how it was and I know you're not supposed to mix different clay brands but I needed to at the time.

So what do I think of these two brands??

Well I find the Sculpty really hard to work with, it is way too soft for my liking and very hard to use in shaping or sculpting. I can use it but because it is soft and very sticky it distorts too easily. It's really good for mixing with other colours and generally doesn't need that much conditioning even thought I probably should do some more to get any air bubbles out.

Like I said earlier the only problem I find with Fimo Soft is that is it hard to get pliable and also I find that it cracks easily and more frequently than the Sculpty. I did buy one block of Aqua Fimo Soft once and it just crumbles when I try and use it, which I was disappointed in. I have to really warm it up first if I want to use it but even then it is difficult to work with.

However I think I will try and stick to Fimo Soft for the time being because I know it is good to work with once it softens up and it does hold its shape a lot better then the Sculpty. I mean I could just put the sculpty in the fridge or something to let it harden up but that can be a bit of a hindrance sometimes when I'm trying to get my work done with limited time.

Of course this is just my experience with these two brands. I would recommend either one but depending on what you want to use them for then thats up to you.


Anonymous said...
December 3, 2011 at 4:55 AM

Stupid dummy!
It is called SculpEy III, not SculptyIII. Wow, you are such a dumbass and a douchebag!

Anonymous said...
December 3, 2011 at 4:57 AM

Yeah, PREMO! Rulez!!! Anonymous1 is right, it is Sculpey III :) BuT sHeS sUcH a MeAnIe! You are awsome Bree :)

Bree Ferguson said...
December 3, 2011 at 8:47 AM

At least I don't post under being anonymous and call people douchebags.

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