I couldn't wait...

I had to post a pic of this funky little cab. I was really weary when fusing it as last time I used some of these little round glass things it didn't turn out the best. However! I love the way this cab has come out, totally abstract and interesting.

You can see how thr back looks a bit frosted? Well one of the pieces I used actually had a bit of a mark on the back afterwards so I just grinded the back a little bit to make them all look alike. I think it looks alright, something different.

You can see in the next two pics where the cab actually looks like it's divided into four different sections. It just seems to be the way that the round glass pieces have fused to the blue glass.

Then I tried to get a close up pic of these little squiggly bits which were in the centre of the circles. You can see one really well defined in the pic below on the right hand side.

Def something to think about and possibly try again....hhhmmm


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