52 Creations - Week 7

Finally got some nice sunny weather today so I got to take a semi-decent pic of this weeks creations.

One of my experiments which needs to be experimented again is my little alien dude. I kind of fused his eye down a little too far but lucky it still has some depth to it even thought it is barely raised. He also has some incredibly red lips! Either way I still think he is kinda cute!

Also the red/purple one is from the accident the other day. It didn't turn out too bad in the end and no doubt I can work with it somehow. Oh also in the green one I found that the fit must have some of that glitter glass in it as this one has some little glitter sparkles which I put it in the sun. I'll have to check out the other one that I made and see if it has it as well. Adds something a little special to the cab. Might have to look into getting some of it in sheet form.

On a good/bad note. I got my study materials the other day so I am going to have to slow down the cab making for a little while. Depends on how quickly I get stuff done and how much "relax" time I allow myself. I should be able to get one or two things made each week though. Force myself to relax and chill.

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day and Chinese New Year! Here is a pic of my boyfriends present which I decorated with ribbons and little hearts.


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