A few tweeks

Just popping in. If you notice that my blog looks a little bit brighter, it should! I have changed some of the font colours around so that they aren't as hard to read. I have had a couple of my readers say that they found the darker pink hard to read so now it is a brighter pink!

Anyways I did take some photos late tonight of my cabs for this week but the photos have come out terrible! I was going to post them but figured they aren't even worth posting so I'll try and get some better photos tomorrow morning or Monday morning.

However last night I did go out to the Chinese New Year markets and also The Rocks markets and took a couple of photos. Nothing too spectacular. It had rained heavily while we were having dinner at The Rocks so I thought a pic of the cars coming up the wet road looked effective.

Chinese Markets at Belmore Park

Stall selling Chinese New Year decorations

The Rocks
Dodgy picture of the Opera House through the trees
The Rocks
Water Fountain at Darling Harbour


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