WIP - Beaded Cab

Well some time ago I found these old seed beads which I would have got when I was about 10 years old?? I had a black cab which was a bit of a reject as it didn't turn out like I wanted so thought I would bead around it with these seed beads I found!

Here is my new embroidery scissors (yay!) and my glued on beaded cab. I have draw a black line with a texta so that you can't notice the white LSS under the beads.

Here is some of my seed beads which I have found, I still have about half a bag to sort into colours. In this pic I have circled which beads I'll be using in the beading in yellow and I have used red to circle which ones I MIGHT use if I add some bits and pieces onto the cab. If I am feeling game enough....

After one round of pink beads. You can see that the cab does have some see through gaps so I am going to have to bead as much as I can to cover these. Although I keep forgetting they are there and go "oh yeh I have to keep going to cover that".

Doesn't look much different does it?? This is with the second row of beads ontop of the others. If the beads were a different colour or smaller size then you would notice more of a difference.

Ah Ha! The second row shows its head. Looks like I have one wonky bead there but I am quite proud of myself! I can't get over how neat these beads are sitting.

Then this is the back of my beaded cab after two rows. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! This will get a lot messier by the time that I am finished.


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