Oh Noooo!

Well today before I went to work I decided to give the finishing touches to a couple of cabs that I had made but need to grind and make shiny again. Anyway I popped a larger purple one and a smaller red one in together to save time and just did my little heating routine thinking everything will be ok. Well before I left for work I thought I'll just check the cabs to make sure they got nice and shiny.

Well not only did they get nice and shiny but they also got nice and CONNECTED!!! So now I have a 'ten pin' looking cab in my kiln with a red top and a purple bottom. While it does look pretty funky in general I have NO idea what to do with it. Some firepaper stuck to it so I am guessing that I will have to grind it AGAIN and make it shiny AGAIN. Might turn it into a pendant. They aren't my type of colours but it doesn't look too bad actually.


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